How Long Do You Have to Wait for an Expungement?

If you were not convicted of a crime – or possibly even charged – you might be anxious to clear your name by having your record expunged. However, there might be a waiting period for expungement in some situations. An experienced Texas expungement attorney can inform you of what is necessary in your case.

No Waiting Period

Some people do not have to wait at all to file their petition for expungement. This is the case when someone:

  • Was found not guilty of a crime
  • Had a conviction overturned
  • Was pardoned

If the prosecutor decides they do not need the records for future cases, you can seek to have your record cleared right away.

One Year

You must wait one year to expunge an arrest or charges of Class A or B misdemeanors. This is required even if no charges were filed or you were found not guilty of the charges.

Three Years

The waiting period for felony charges and arrests is three years. During this time, you might start to feel the effects of your arrest record on your personal and professional life. It is important to take swift action as soon as you are eligible for an expungement.

It is never too late to clear your good name. Once you get through the waiting period, you should seek professional legal help from a Texas expungement attorney who can begin the process as soon as your waiting period ends. You shouldn’t suffer unnecessary consequences of an arrest or charges that were unfounded.

Let a Texas Expungement Lawyer Evaluate Your Case

The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm handles expungement cases for people who have been arrested or charged with a crime in Texas. Contact us to allow our office to review your eligibility and advise you whether it is time to seek an expungement of your record.

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