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"Case was DROPPED!"

"Both charges DISMISSED!"

"So blessed to have had Gilbert Garcia in my corner!"

"Saved my wife from having to do 10 years in TDCJ!"

"Got the charge DISMISSED and I couldn’t be happier!"

"Best defense attorney in Montgomery County!"

"He walks in the court room like a BOSS!"

"I can never thank this entire firm enough for its kindness and understanding!"

"You can tell this man has decades of experience!"

"He is an incredibly knowledgeable and competent lawyer."

"He did everything he promised he will do and got my case DISMISSED!"

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Alcohol Offenses

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Drug Offenses

drug offense attorney

Assaultive Offenses

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Sex Offenses

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Property Offenses

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Drug Possession

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Possession of Marijuana

Possession of Marijuana

Record Cleaning


Gilbert G. Garcia, J.D.

Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney
Former Assistant District Attorney, Member of the JAG Corps

Conroe Criminal Defense Attorney Gilbert G. Garcia, has practiced Criminal Law since 1978 and has been Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Criminal Law since 1989. Gilbert G. Garcia has more than 40 years of legal and trial experience: he served in the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Corps for the United States Army, Served as Assistant District Attorney, led and managed a private practice for over 35+ Years, appointed as a Special Prosecutor by local judge.

Gilbert G. Garcia provides aggressive criminal defense in all felony and misdemeanor cases including alcohol, drug, assault and property. Mr. Garcia serves clients who need Record Cleaning Services throughout the entire state of Texas. The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm has been conveniently located on the Montgomery County Courthouse square since 1983.

Gilbert’s access to important litigation centers and experience with the courts and personnel make The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm the right criminal defense firm for you. The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm is the logical choice to represent you as Criminal Defense Lawyer  in your criminal case, record cleaning case or mediation.

We provide the quality legal services you deserve in your most important matters such as all adult criminal defense matters, Motions to Revoke and Motions to Adjudicate and juvenile crimes.

Mr. Garcia will help with all other matters relating to criminal charges including: order to release interlock, occupational license, and ALR hearings.

Attorney Gilbert Garcia

Criminal Defense Attorney
Gilbert G. Garcia, J.D.

Avvo Superb Attorney
Criminal Defense Lawyer

How I can help you:

Talk to you, giving you my undivided attention.  Listen to and understand your needs.  Capture  every detail related to your case and build a solid defense or try to reduce any and all penalties that may be headed your way.

Investigate your case, collect and analyze information from the DA, pursue any and all avenues to get you the best outcome possible.  The goal is to gather data and build the strongest defense possible.

Keep all our conversations confidential and explain all possible consequences to your case.

Study the facts, develop a legal strategy and search for all possible favorable outcomes.  Evaluate the evidence myself and/or get an expert to assist.

Negotiate, upon your request, the best possible plea bargain, such as reducing the penalty or severity of any punishment.

Move for a jury trial, with your request and authorization, to give you the day in Court you deserve. This gives you an opportunity for a verdict of “Not Guilty”.

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five star review

Case was DROPPED!

“I am so blessed to have had Gilbert Garcia in my corner. I was so afraid and worried of what my outcome might be, but he and his team kept me calm and informed. I can’t be more thankful to Mr. Garcia after my case was DROPPED! I appreciate all the hard and tedious work that went in to my case and definitely will be recommending his team to anyone in need.
Thank you & God bless”

Charity A.

five stars200


“Mr Garcia and his staff were so friendly and helpful from the start. Case was dismissed and my innocence was proven. Hes an amazing lawyer who took care of everything and was also nice enough to work on me with payments. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a good lawyer.”

C. M.

five stars200

Both cases DISMISSED!

I HIGHLY recommend Gilbert Garcia!!

He was just amazing, He walks in the court room like a BOSS! Seriously! This guy knows what he is doing and had my co-defendant in and out of court quickly, and discussed everything until we were comfortable.

Raquel K.

five stars200

Saved my wife from having to do 10 years in TDCJ!

“I Would definitely recommend Mr. Garcia he was a wonderful lawyer and he saved my wife from having to do 10 years in TDCJ and we are so very grateful!!!

Chad D.

State Bar of Texas
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
State Bar of Texas
Avvo Superb Attorney
Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
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