Expunction of Dismissed Charges in Texas

Did you know that even after you have criminal charges dismissed, they can still continue to show up on your criminal record in Texas? Many people – such as potential employers – who conduct background checks do not understand what it means to have charges dismissed and they might still hold the charges against you, conviction or not.

If you had charges dismissed, you might be eligible for an expunction of your record. You should not wait to discuss this possibility with Gilbert G. Garcia, a Texas expunction attorney.

When Can You Expunge Dismissed Charges?

Not all dismissals of criminal charges are created equal. In most cases, if your charges were dismissed after you completed probation, you will not be eligible for an expunction. However, there are different reasons for dismissals that might open the door to destroy the record of your arrest and charges. These include:

  • Dismissals due to mistaken identity
  • Dismissals by the court usually for lack of evidence
  • Acquittals by a jury
  • If your case has not resulted in a final conviction or probation, the charges were not presented and the waiting time has elapsed

Some people might wrongfully give your information to police when they are arrested, leading to charges against the wrong person. In this situation, law enforcement is likely just as eager to clear your record as you are, since they made the mistake.

If your defense lawyer successfully convinced the judge that your rights were violated or that evidence was inadmissible, and either the court or prosecutor dropped your charges, you can qualify for an expunction.

Use the free eligibility test now to see if you qualify!

If your charges were dismissed (not through deferred adjudication), you should discuss a possible expunction with The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm. Fill out the free eligibility test to learn how an expunction lawyer in Texas can help you clear your record and your name.