Texas Expunction Eligibility

Having an arrest or charges show up on your criminal record as part of a background check can have many consequences. You can lose a job opportunity or professional license, or even not get approved for a place to live. If you might be eligible to have your record expunged, it is critical that you look into this possibility. Speak with Gilbert G. Garcia, a Texas expunction attorney right away.

Qualifying for Expunction

There are different situations in which someone might be eligible for an expunction in Texas:

  • You were arrested but the prosecutor never filed charges
  • You faced charges that were dismissed (not including deferred adjudication)
  • The prosecutor’s office certified that your arrest records would not be necessary for further investigations
  • The court uses its discretion to grant an expunction, such as after an overturned conviction

In any of the above situations, law enforcement officers, the prosecutor, or the court could have made an error in your case. After all, if your arrest and charges were valid, your case could have ended differently. Expunctions are available to help correct miscarriages of justice and minimize their effects on your future.

There is no doubt that having arrests or charges (even if they were dismissed) on your criminal record can impact your life. If the criminal justice system admitted that you should not be convicted of a crime, you should not have to live worrying about your record. Instead, learn whether you meet the qualifications for an expunction today.

Use the free eligibility test now to see if you qualify!

The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm represents clients throughout the expunction process. This Texas expunction lawyer has seen firsthand the difference it can make after your criminal record is destroyed. Fill out the eligibility test so you can take back control of your future through the expunction process.