Texas Expunction Order Timeline

In order to receive the expunction of an arrest or criminal charges on your record, you must follow specific procedures. Just because you obtain an expunction, however, does not mean the legal process is over. Once the court issues an expunction order, there are further steps that are followed to ensure your record is properly destroyed. To learn more about expunctions and whether you qualify, contact a Texas expunction attorney at The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm.

After Your Expunction is Granted

When the court decides to approve your expunction, the court issues an order. The clerk of the court then passes on notice of the court order to the necessary agencies, which the court order should list. Notice should be delivered by hand, certified mail, fax, or secure email. The agencies must then notify any records departments or archives that might hold your record.

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) should also notify all records departments and archives to identify any copies of the arrest record that the DPS has tendered the information. All the agencies should then send their files holding your record back to the court clerk or in some circumstances, destroy the records.

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