Types of Texas Expunctions

Expunctions can change the lives of people with arrests or criminal charges on their records. However, not every expunction case is the same, and there are different types of expunctions in Texas. You should always have the guidance of Gilbert G. Garcia, a Texas expunction attorney who understands your situation.

Standard Expunctions

This is the type of case that many people will have, and it occurs in the absence of extenuating circumstances. If you were arrested but the prosecutor never issued charges, or you faced charges, but they were dismissed pretrial by the prosecutor or judge, you will likely seek a standard expunction.

Expunction Due to a Pardon or Acquittal

Some people are convicted of crimes to start, but the conviction does not stick. An appellate court might reverse the decision and issue an acquittal. Other people might receive pardons from their convictions based on their innocence. In these situations, there is a special process for getting the record expunged – most importantly, a short time limit of 30 days to avoid unnecessary fees.

Discretionary Expunction

Some people might not qualify for a standard expunction, but it is only right that their records are destroyed. A prosecutor can recommend an expunction, and it is up to the discretion of the judge whether or not to grant it. Prosecutors do not normally voluntarily make these recommendations – instead, you want a respected defense lawyer to recommend your case for an expunction.

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There are different circumstances under which you might obtain an expunction, but different types of expunctions have different requirements and procedures. At The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm, this Texas expunction attorney knows how to handle every type of case no matter what your circumstances might be. Fill out the eligibility form to learn about your options and qualifications.