Should You Have Your Record Sealed?

Being convicted of a crime can change your life. Not only might the court order you to pay fines and serve probation, but you will then have the conviction appear on your criminal record – possibly for the rest of your life. Even if the judge dismissed your charges after deferred adjudication, your record can still harm your reputation, career, and more.

If you had deferred adjudication or a conviction in your criminal case, you are generally not eligible for an expunction in Texas, which destroys the records. However, this does not mean you must live with the consequences of your mistakes forever. Instead, learn about your eligibility for non-disclosure, which does not destroy anything, but can effectively seal your record.

Benefits of Non-Disclosure

You probably did not realize the widespread effects of a criminal record until you had one. Once your background check returns a criminal conviction or dismissal of a criminal case after you completed probation, it can impact your life in many ways.

Some things that people with criminal records might experience include:

  • Not getting hired for jobs
  • Not being approved for rental housing
  • Not getting accepted into higher educational institutions
  • Being denied a professional license
  • Being ineligible for certain public benefits or federal funding

These disappointments can happen more often than you might imagine, and the pains of having a criminal record can quickly be realized. Don’t wait until you have already lost a lot due to your record. Instead, learn about the possibility of sealing your record as soon as possible.

Use the free eligibility test now to see if you qualify!

The Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm knows the benefits of non-disclosure in Texas, and can help many people obtain a better future by having their records sealed.

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