Ways an Expungement or Sealed Record Can Help Your Career

Expungement or Sealed Record Can Help Your Career

If you have a criminal conviction on your record, it can make it difficult to find the job you want. Many companies shy away from hiring people with criminal records, and this might be true even if you were not convicted of a crime – or even ever charged. Sometimes, seeing an arrest on an applicant’s record is enough for an employer to stop considering them for a position.

When you get your record expunged or sealed, you can improve your chances of a fulfilling career. If either of the following are true, you should learn whether you might qualify to clear your name:

  • You were not convicted or charged to begin with
  • You were convicted and completed a deferred adjudication and community supervision

When you get your record sealed through an order of nondisclosure or expunction, potential employers cannot access information about your arrest, charges, or conviction through their usual background checks. It also allows you to honestly answer on job applications and in interviews that you have not been arrested or convicted of a crime (depending on the circumstances).

In addition, many people might not qualify for a professional license they need for their jobs with a criminal record. Once you receive an order of nondisclosure or expunction, the licensing board might be willing to issue your license so you can work in your chosen profession.

Learn About Your Options from a Texas Criminal Record Cleaning Lawyer

There is no question that obtaining an order of disclosure or expunction of your criminal record can improve your life and professional options. This can be a confusing process, however, and you want to present the most persuasive case possible to the court. Gilbert G. Garcia Law Firm is dedicated to helping people throughout Texas clear their names. Contact our office to learn about your options from a Texas expungement attorney.

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